New Feature App Installs Campaign - BETA

Added the campaign objective App Installs to the list of supported Facebook Campaign Objectives in Scalify.

Attention app developers! You can now promote your app profitably with Scalify!

App Installs Campaign Requirements

Before promoting your app on Facebook products, app developers must meet the conditions set for mobile app ads.

Here's the full list of requirements & steps to prepare: App Installs Requirements.

App Installs Campaign Guide

You can find the app installs campaign objective in the following campaigns:

To create an app installs campaign, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-in to Scalify.
  2. Click on the "Launch" tab from the sidebar
  3. Select the campaign you want to create
  4. Select an Offer or skip to create  your campaign without an Offer attached
  5. In the "Campaign" tab choose to create a new campaign
  6. Select the "App Installs" objective
Choosing the app installs campaign objective in the Scalify app.
Choosing the app installs campaign objective in the Scalify app.

After selecting the app installs objective, use the drop-down to select the app installs campaign type:

  • App Ads: Standard App Ads.
  • Automated App Ads: Auto-optimized ads that serve your audiences different variations of your ads. Automated App Ads take less time to create.

A couple of things to note when creating Automated App Ads:

  • Targeting options are limited to country, language, and operating system. To allow more flexibility to find your highest value users, you can only run one campaign or ad set at a time for a specific operating system, country, language, and optimization goal.
  • Age targeting will default to 13+. If the app store minimum age is greater than 13, targeting will be set based on the app store minimum requirement. If the app category is dating, targeting will be set to 18+.
  • As with manual App Ads, Automated App Ads use a 90-day exclusion window. If someone has opened the app in the last 90 days, they will not be eligible to receive an ad from that app.
  • Unlike manual App Install Ads, Automated App Ads appear on all placements with no ability to manually remove specific placements.


Limited targeting options in automated app installs ad campaign.
Limited targeting options in automated app install ad campaigns.

After selecting the campaign objective and type, you can carry on to creating your campaign as usual.

The App Installs campaign is still in BETA testing mode, if you experience any issues or if you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team using this form.

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