Introduction Guide

Get an overview of the Facebook Ads Autopilot Shopify app, who can use it, and how it works to optimize your ads 24/7.

The Facebook Ads Autopilot app helps you optimize your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns automatically to get more sales at the lowest cost possible.

This is accomplished through pre-built strategies that optimize your ads 24/7 without the need for constant oversight by humans.

In addition to automatic ad optimization, the Facebook Ads Autopilot app enables you to view relevant analytics data to asses the effectiveness of your optimization and make data-driven decisions.

Who can use Facebook Autopilot?

Facebook Autopilot is for Shopify merchants who:

  • Rely on Facebook and Instagram ads to promote their products and get sales
  • Experience ad spends loss
  • Get sales at a high Cost per Website Purchase
  • Can't measure the influence of Facebook/Instagram ads on business performance.

Using Facebook Ads Autopilot

The Facebook Ads Autopilot app helps you optimize your ads 24/7 without oversight and measure the effectiveness of these optimizations.

Here are the features that make this possible:

  • Pre-Built Automation Strategies
  • Dynamic Automation Builder
  • 3-in-1 Analytics.

Pre-Built Automation Strategies

Pre-built automation strategies help you optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads in a few minutes.

Every automation strategy was tested on multiple Shopify stores and is proven to increase your orders at a low cost.

Dynamic Automation Builder

The dynamic automation builder helps you create a custom strategy to optimize your Facebook ads on the fly.

You can set the conditions based on:

  • Pixel events
  • Ad performance
  • Ad engagement
  • Video ad engagement.

3-in-1 Analytics

To asses the effectiveness of your optimization, Analyze enables you to obtain genuine insight into your business’s performance.


  • Simple: Clear layout that provides you with metrics that reflect your campaigns’ and website’s performance
  • Customizable: Personalize your Dashboard to include only the information you care about using Widgets or switch from one Template to another to view different groups of data to draw different decisions
  • Intuitive: Aggregate data from different sources to get access to data beyond what happens inside Facebook, Instagram, and the basic actions tracked by Facebook’s pixel on your website.

The Campaign Analysis tab enables you to break down a specific campaign's performance.

You can use this tab to go into detail and learn what makes each campaign a success or a fail.

The Compare Metrics tab allows you to compare the metrics of multiple campaigns and ad sets.

Benefits of Facebook Autopilot

With a fully-optimized Shopify store, Facebook Ads Autopilot can help you:

  • Identify winning ads ahead of time
  • Prevent ad spend loss
  • Scale your campaigns more profitably
  • Prevent human error with automatic optimization.