Analyze Introduction

Learn how the Analyze tab helps you understand your advertising and business performance.

Analyze is an analytics suite that combines data from your Facebook ads and Shopify store to provide you with insight into how your advertising efforts influence your business growth.

Under Anlyze, you'll find three tools:

  • Overview: A drag-and-drop dashboard that combines data from your Facebook ads, Google Analytics, and Shopify.
  • Campaign Analysis: An in-depth campaign analysis dashboard.
  • Compare Metrics: A comparison hub to compare metrics from different campaigns and ad sets.

The Analyze overview dashboard presents your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)in a way that is:

  • Simple: Clear layout that provides you with metrics that reflect your campaigns’ and website’s performance.
  • Customizable: Personalize your Dashboard to include only the information you care about using Widgets.
  • Versatile: Switch from one Template to another to view different groups of data to draw different decisions.
  • Intuitive: Aggregate data from different sources to get access to data beyond what happens inside Facebook, Instagram, and the basic actions tracked by Facebook’s pixel on your website.

Analyze is available for all Scalify products and plans.

Data Sources

To provide you with precise data that you can rely on, Scalify apps collect data from:

  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Shopify


Scalify apps collect data through:

  • Facebook Pixel, for events that took place on your website
  • Facebook, for interactions your prospects had with your Facebook Business page
  • Instagram, for interactions your prospects had with your Instagram Business profile

Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics installed on your Shopify store, Scalify apps aggregate data from your account to provide you with detailed data on your store visitors’ behavior.

Learn more about the Google Analytics integration by clicking on this article.


Scalify apps aggregate the native Shopify analytics data such as customers and orders.


After aggregating data from different sources, the Scalify apps displays this data in various drag-and-drop widgets such as:

  • Ads Manager, to display your ad campaign’s KPIs.
  • One metric, to display the data of that specific metric.
  • Multiple metrics, to display several metrics in a single graph to compare two or more values in one space.
  • World Map, to organize data by country on the world map.

Template Views

Template views are pre-built Dashboard setups that group widgets to display specific information.

Different templates help you draw different conclusions and understand your performance from various angles. 

You can also create and save your own template using widgets.