Introduction Guide

Get an overview of the Facebook Ad Launcher Shopify app, who can use it, and how you can use to generate sales.

Facebook Ad Launcher is a Shopify app that helps merchants automate ad creation and target qualified prospects in less time. 

The fully-automated workflow enables beginners to launch Facebook and Instagram ads the right way.

Who can use Facebook Ad Launcher?

The Facebook Ad Launcher app can be used by Shopify merchants that rely on Facebook and Instagram ads to promote their products.

If you're running a small business and you're looking for a simple solution to automate your advertising, Facebook Ad Launcher is the right app for you.

Using Facebook Ad Launcher

Facebook Ad Launcher allows you to automate your campaign creation, A/B testing, and UTM tagging.

Fast Campaign Creation

Facebook Ad Launcher speeds up the creation of Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Here are the 5 features that make this possible:

  • Interest Suggestions: The app will go through your Shopify store, learn from your products, tags, categories, and customers then suggest the best interests to target.
  • Automatic Ad Set Builder: Say goodbye to duplicating ad sets to create different variations. Simply set your ad set settings, the app will automatically create a unique variation of all possible combinations, that you can later enable/disable.
  • Creatives Builder: Create up to 20 ads automatically in under 5 minutes.
  • 1-Click Campaign Setup: Choose the structure of your ad sets and ads in a single click.
  • Instant Google Analytics UTM Tagging: For enhanced tracking, add UTM tags to your ads automatically by enabling one toggle.

Automated A/B Testing

With any new ad account, you want to start A/B testing your ads and audiences to find your first winning combination.

This will help you launch better ads and continuously optimize for results.

The Facebook Ad Launcher allows you to split test:

  • Ads: Creatives, copy (ad text), titles & descriptions, landing pages, and CTA (call-to-action) buttons.
  • Audiences: Interests, locations, placements, age groups, and genders.
  • Ad sets.

Target New Audiences

To target fresh prospects who didn't interact with your business yet, exclude audiences such as:

  • Customers: people who purchased a product from your Shopify store
  • Website Visitors: people who visited and browsed your website
  • Video Watchers: people who watched a video on your Facebook page or Instagram profile
  • Facebook Page Engagement: people who interacted with your Facebook page
  • Instagram Profile Engagement : people who interacted with your Instagram page
  • Existing Custom Audiences: custom audiences from your ad account.