Introduction Guide

Get an overview of the Facebook Retargeting Shopify app, who can use it, and how it can increase your conversions rate.

Facebook Ads Retargeting is a Shopify app that helps merchants automate retargeting ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger! 

The app's dynamic workflow enables beginners and professionals alike to convert more prospects — that interacted with your business and didn't purchase — into repeat customers. 

Who can use Facebook Retargeting?

Facebook Retargeting is for Shopify merchants who:

  • Receive a high number of traffic sessions without getting any sales
  • Rely on Facebook and Instagram ads to promote their products
  • Looking for a simple solution to automate their advertising.

Using Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Ads Retargeting allows you to target qualified prospects that interacted with your:

  • Shopify store
  • Facebook page
  • Instagram page.

Here are the main features that makes this possible:

  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • Custom audiences.

Easy Catalog Creation

Creating a catalog with the Facebook Retargeting app is a 1-step process. You can either:

  • Create a catalog of all your Products
  • Create a catalog with specific products or collections.

With its seamless integration with your Shopify store, the Facebook Retargeting app enables you to:

  • Create a catalog in minutes without creating a product feed
  • Use your product tags as filters when creating a catalog.

Dynamic Retargeting

Launching a dynamic retargeting campaign enables you to target qualified prospects with personalized carousel ads, containing products they interacted with and other suggestions.

With the Facebook Ads Retargeting app, creating a dynamic retargeting campaign is a 1-step process that takes less than 5 minutes.

The app automatically updates your dynamic ads each time you edit, delete, or add products. No optimization or oversight is needed from you.

Custom Audiences

On the Facebook Ads Retargeting app, you can create laser-targeted custom audiences before creating a campaign, the app generates custom audiences from your Facebook Pixel and Shopify store data.

Benefits of Facebook Retargeting

With an optimized Shopify store, the Facebook Retargeting app can help you:

  • Convert more website visitors into customers
  • Increase sales at a low CPR (cost-per-result)
  • Increase the average customer LTV (lifetime value)
  • Establish your brand.