Creating a Dynamic Retargeting Campaign

In this article, you'll learn how to launch a dynamic retargeting ad campaign automatically.

Dynamic retargeting ads enable you to retarget your website visitors with personalized carousel ads.

This carousel features products they saw and other similar ones that match their interests.

Dynamic ads deliver relevant recommendations to each prospect based on their interests and behavior.

Dynamic ads or DPAs for short, rely on a catalog of offerings that include products that help generate personalized ads dynamically on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network.

1. Setup Campaign Catalog

A catalog of your products serves as a database for Facebook to generate personalized suggestions in the form of carousel ads.

You can:

  • Choose an existing catalog
  • Create a catalog with all store products
  • Create a catalog with specific products.

Choose an existing catalog

To use a pre-existing catalog, click on All Catalogs from the drop-down, select the catalog you want to promote and click Next to proceed.

Create a catalog with all store products

Considering your Shopify products are synced into the products tab, you can easily create a catalog without feed creation.


  1. Click on Create a Catalog or the New Catalog button
  2. Name your catalog
  3. Skip the Include All Products toggle
  4. Choose a category for your catalog
  5. Click on Create Catalog

Create a catalog with specific products

To create a catalog with specific products, use your Shopify product tags as filters to include/exclude products.


  1. Click on Create a Catalog or New Catalog
  2. Give your catalog a name
  3. Turn the Include All Products toggle off
  4. Add the tag used to identify specific products in the Tags Filter
  5. Choose a category for your catalog
  6. Click on Create Catalog
Note: Products tags are synced from your Shopify Store. Updating your product tags on Shopify Scalify will automatically renew the product tag internally as well.

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2. Select Catalog

To use your catalog in your dynamic retargeting ad campaign, select it from the list of catalogs and click Next.

3. Create Dynamic Retargeting Campaign

With your catalog all set, creating a dynamic retargeting campaign takes less than a minute to accomplish.


  1. Give your campaign a name
  2. Choose the Facebook page you want to publish your ad campaign
  3. Select the Pixel you want to retrieve data from to retarget your audience. This is usually the same Pixel that is installed on your website
  4. Set a daily budget for your campaign
  5. Edit the ad’s primary text or leave it on default
  6. Optional: add dynamic content like your product’s name or price
  7. Add locations to retarget audiences from

4. Launch

Once you’re done creating your campaign, click on the Launch Dynamic Retargeting button to launch your ad campaign.

You'll be redirected to the "History" tab, where you can view your campaign's creation status.