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The Roadmap

This board provides you with a clear view of upcoming features, integrations, and major upgrades.


GPT-3 AI Generated Ad Copy
Product Upgrade Q4 2021
Google Analytics 4
Integration Q4 2021
Edit Campaigns
New Feature Q3 2021
Encharge.io Mail
Integration Q4 2021
Auto-boosting Strategies
New Feature 4 weeks ago
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In Progress

Google Shopping Feeds
New Feature Q4 2021
Google Shopping Ads
Product Upgrade Q3 2021
Messenger Campaigns
New Feature 4 weeks ago
Lookalike Audiences Location
Bug Fix 3 months ago
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Campaign Analysis
New Feature 5 days ago
Ads Manager Widget Improvements
Improvement 5 days ago
Metrics Comparison
New Feature 5 days ago
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Features and improvements we will be working on soon.

Add Ad Set Name Preview
Improvement Q4 2021
Language Q3 2022
Traditional Chinese
Language Q2 2022
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Feature Requests

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