App Glossary

This article combines definitions of common terms used in the Facebook Ad Launcher Shopify app.

App Interface

  • Watch Tutorial: Click this button to launch a step-by-step video tutorial that covers the task you're trying to launch
  • Start Guide: Click this button to activate a personal assistant that helps you launch a campaign or provide you with an onboarding tour
  • Ads Launcher: The primary feature of the Facebook Ad Launcher app with the automated 5-step campaign creation workflow
  • Products: A space for organizing your Shopify products for easy access during campaign creation
  • History: A task log where all your previous tasks are saved. You can view a task's creation status and execute task actions.

Ads Launcher

  • Interests: Facebook interests are an audience targeting option that is based on what they've included in their Profiles, as well as the Pages, groups, and other things on Facebook that they've connected with
  • Templates:  A space to save a campaign or ad set as a template to reuse later
  • Special Ad Categories: A classification for ads involving social issues, elections, politics, credit, employment, or housing opportunities. Marking your ads as Special Ad Category is crucial for Facebook Ad Policies compliance
  • Pixel: The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to track the actions people take on your website to measure the effectiveness of your advertising
  • Conversion Event: An event that marks the completion of an action that is important to your business
  • Placements: The places where you can run your ads are called Placements. Depending on the objective you choose when you create your campaign, your ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Ads Manager groups placements by how people experience your ads across platforms. Source:
  • Conversion Window: A conversion window is a period after an ad interaction during which the conversion is recorded in Facebook Ads.


  • Product ID: The content ID that your website is passing to the Facebook pixel for this product. You can check what this ID is using the official Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension.
  • Variant: A variation of the same product that is different in colors, sizes, pattern, etc.


  • Done: A task status marking the completion of its creation without any errors or bugs.
  • Failed: A task status marking a task that was not completed due to errors or bugs.
  • Stopped: A task that was stopped by the user.
  • Rolled Back: A task that was canceled by the user.
  • Create Similar Task: A task action that enables you to create an identical task to the one in hand.