Products Introduction

Learn about Products, how to create one, and how to utilize them to speed-up your advertising workflow.

What are Products?

Products are a space where your Shopify products are saved, organized, and easily accessed while launching ad campaigns.

With the app installed on your Shopify store, your products are automatically synced.

Using Products

Products allow you to save up time copy-pasting product IDs.

They also serve the purpose of:

  • Organizing your advertising assets
  • Launching campaigns easily.

Organizing your advertising assets

With each product, you can attach the following assets:

  • Page Posts
  • Videos
  • Custom Conversions
  • Audiences
  • COGS
  • Tasks.

These assets update over time as you create new tasks.

In addition to organized assets, each product has a performance report with the following data:

  • Sales over time
  • Top Countries with Sold Units
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Sold Units.

These metrics update over time as the app tracks your products.

Launching campaigns easily

In the six-step campaign creation workflow, choosing a product is the first step.

This allows you to launch a campaign for one or multiple products without having to copy-paste IDs.

Note: If you’re launching a campaign with a product that has page posts, videos, custom conversions, or audiences attached, those assets will be set as the default assets for your campaign if you choose to not edit them.